Welcome to a new edition of BlytheCon Europe!

There was a lot of desire from Portugal for this edition and the chosen city is finally the wonderful Oporto, where we hope you enjoy some unforgettable moments with friends and dolls.

This city, located in the north of Portugal next to the mouth of the Douro River, is a very special place; Maybe it’s that air of decadence that invades her or the life that breathes in her. Perhaps it is their elegant neighborhoods and stately villas in counterpoint to the narrow streets and old alleys that UNESCO has declared a World Heritage Site.

Oporto is a city to enjoy to the maximum its narrow streets full of history and nostalgia. A walk at dusk along the banks of the Douro river, the feeling that comes to enter the Mercado do Bolhao or the taste of its sweet wines are some of the things that can be done in Oporto.