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Alpe visits… Zaragoza

Hello! My name is Alpe, and I’m the official BlytheCon Europe 2012 travelling blythe.
I’ll be visiting some European cities till the BlytheCon Europe event in Berlin (June 30th 2012), where I’ll be raffled so you can take me home too 🙂

My journey starts in Zaragoza, a medium-sized city right between Madrid and Barcelona.
Zaragoza was born as a roman city -called Caesaraugusta-, it was populated by Muslims -as part of the Emirate of Cordoba-, and later in time it became a Christian city -capital of the Kingdom of Aragón- , so there’s an interesting mixture of styles and cultures, specially in the Old city.

Zaragoza is well known for:
– The Basilica del Pilar (a HUGE Roman catholic church nearby the Ebro river), the Seo Cathedral and the Aljafería palace.
– Being a terrible windy town.
– Goya. He was born here.
– It’s football team. (It used to be good… Long time ago).
– It’s gastronomy. Tapas here are delicious.
– It hosted the 2008 Expo. (And we had amazing concerts back then. Even Akron/Family showed up, sigh).
– We had a tram. They dismantled it in the late 70’s. We are constructing a tram again. Therefore, all the city is “under construction”.

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Stallholder tickets are SOLD OUT

Hello friends!

We woke up with great news today: Stallholder tickets are sold out!
Soon we will publish more information about our marketplace, but here’s an advice: Better start saving your pennies for BCEU, cause there are gonna be amazing goodies 😉

If you were planning to purchase an stallholder ticket but you couldn’t do it on time, don’t panic. There may be cancellations and extra stalls at a later time.
Send us an e-mail: and we’ll get in touch with you when that happens.

Regular tickets are still available, so get yours fast, and see you soon!


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You’ve got a date… with Blythe!

Be prepared to share one sunny day of fun and joy with fellow Blythe lovers! On June 30th, Blythe fans from all over Europe will gather in the midst of Europe’s most vibrant places – Berlin! – chatting and learning about Blythe, shopping for Blythe and much more!
We have found the perfect location for BCEU, Forum Factory -an art gallery located in Berlin city center. Apart from a marketplace featuring some of our favorite blythe crafters, there will be fun contests for everybody and workshops where blythe artists will share their tips and tricks.

The theme for our first edition is “E is for Europe”, so be prepared for pretzels, venice boats, parisian cafés and red telephone boxes.

Pre-registration is available now.
Get your ticket today and don’t miss the date!

PS. Feel free to grab the image above and post it on flickr/your blog to let your contacts know you are coming 🙂

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