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Ask Junko!

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Do aliens really exist? Is time travel possible?
We may not have the answer to those question, but we may be able to answer some blythe related questions for you.

BlytheCon Europe is proud to announce we will host an interview to Junko Wong, Blythe Creative Director and CEO of the CWC Group.
So if you have something to ask her, this is the time! Just post your question here, down in the comments section. We will make a selection with 10 final questions that we will address to Junko.

Photo from Junko Wong’s blog

Thank you!

This is the first “thank you” post of many to come.

It’s been a month since we put BCEU tickets for sale and we couldn’t be more happy, 2/3 of the tickets are sold out. Then, a couple weeks ago, we asked you to help us with our tombola, and one more time, everybody surprised us with amazing donations (seriously, there are going to be some mind blowing prizes).

We have been really touched by your generosity, your photos, your videos, your ingenious ways to make coming to Berlin possible.
There are still available tickets, we are still accepting donations, and there’s a lot of work to do in the following months, but BCEU is already a success thanks to all of you.

BCEU attendees

Wondering who is attending to BlytheCon Europe? We have the answer just here! A whole bunch of blythe friends from all around Europe and some overseas friends! We are really excited to meet you all!

Lovely Peggy (Madtwinsis) has made a google map were we are adding everybodies’ usernames, so if you are attending and you can’t find your name, throw us a comment so we will add you too 🙂

Add your name to the chart!
Chart made by MinkiDynamite / Sandra

Map made by Madtwinsis