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Alpe visits… Barcelona

Text and pictures by Ismael (Supernenek)

Barcelona was the first stop in Alpe’s long travel around Europe.
This city is the second largest one in Spain and the eleventh one in Europe so there’re a lot of interesting places to visit.
Alpe didn’t want to visit the typical ones so I guided her through my personal highlights.

Our first destination was the Labyrinth Park of Horta. There’s nothing more magical than this garden in a winter morning.


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Featured seller: ChuThings

Our second featured seller is also a very special one, as she’ll be coming all the way from Australia to visit us. Of course, we are talking about Maria, the artist behind the imaginative ChuThings brand.

Photo by Maria (ChuThings)

Hi dolly fellas! My name is Maria Yeoshen, but everyone calls me Chu after my middle name “Jesus”; That’s why my dolly clothes brand is called ChuThings. So I am from Venezuela but living in Australia since 2008. I studied twice at uni, first Medicine and then Journalism, but I didn’t finish either both, because my truly passion is designing and creating things!. So now you see me, sewing, drawing and designing 🙂

When did you started with this hobby/business?
I started collecting Blythe as soon as I move here in Australia (2008) and I started sewing almost at the same time (without having any idea of what I was doing). I formally started ChuThings as a doll clothes brand in 2010 in the National Blythe Meeting here in Australia. Before that, I only made crocheted softoys under the same name on Etsy.

Photo by Maria (ChuThings)

Was the learning process too long? Did somebody teach you?
To be honest, It took me 2 years to be satisfy with my sewing work and say “ok, this is enough well made to be sold”, quality is the most important things in my dolly outfits, so I was very concern about this.
Of course, it took me 2 years without to many responsibilities, I was learning a new lenguage, adapting to my new country, so I spend all that time improving my sewing skills. My mom visit me early 2010 and she teach me so many useful tips and tricks about how to finish my dresses, lining and other sewing stuff. She is incredible good sewing <3.

Photo by Maria (ChuThings)

What makes your products different from others.
I think quality is one of my main things. About the style, I just create whatever I feel, sometimes can be romantic, sometimes, classic, sometimes mori, depends of my mood I guess, but dresses are my weak point for sure!.

What can we expect from you at BlytheCon Europe? (What are you gonna carry with you?)
I am preparing a special collection for the BlytheCon Europe, very elegant, so, stay tuned!. In other hand I will try to bring with me two custom blythes to be sold as well :). And I expect for the Blythecon Europe to meet tons of dolly friends and make new ones too!

Photo by Maria (ChuThings)

And last but not least… Have you ever been in Berlin? What’s your opinion about the city? And if you have never been… What do you expect from the city?
I have never been in Europe! so this is so exciting for me! Everyone told me Berlin is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world! So I expect to be amaze!!!

ChuThings on the net:

twitter: @chuthings

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