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Peach also visited wonderful Poland!

DSCF9359Girls were trilled to see her at our door

DSCF9787They prepared a surprise welcome party

DSCF9782 and a surprise little folk doll as a welcome gift

DSCF9364First we’ve visited the Chopin Museum

DSCF9402We’ve listened to some music

DSCF9416Then we’ve walked next to Copernicus monument

DSCF9422 and had some hot chocolate at the best polish chocolate manufacturer “Wawel”


we walked at the Old town, watching the rebuilt after WWII buildings, but

DSCF9480Peach was interested in some jewellery…


more than the mermaid monument – the symbol of Warsaw

DSCF9484She met a horse while making a picture at Barbican


and was stunned seeing these beautiful sculptures


then we’ve found this miniature of the Old town, so Peach could see it from above

DSCF9490She liked the well known polish Christmas baubles especially those Dutch ones 😀

DSCF9479We had to stop by the best ice-cream shop to have some peach ice-cream


Peach wanted to free those dolls behind the glass, so they could travel like her!

DSCF9494It’s the New town’s Market, which is part of the Old town now…

DSCF9508Mały Powstaniec (Little Insurgent Monument) is a statue in commemoration of the child soldiers who fought and died in the Warsaw Uprising

DSCF9565Next to the Royal Palace

DSCF9557View at the Royal Palace, Square and Sigismund’s Column from the View Tower

DSCF9537Palace of our President, the place where he lives

DSCF9570 DSCF9575Peach spotted a squirrel and a peacock in the Royal Gardens – Łazienki Królewskie

DSCF9590She liked that Palace built on the Water

DSCF9598Palace of Culture and Science, built by Russians and now one the symbols of Warsaw, there are theaters, swimming pool, museums, view terrace and many other things in this one building

DSCF9656 DSCF9641 DSCF9639We’ve attended a bjd doll meeting 😀


DSCF9773 DSCF9778  We sew a little outfit for Peach!

DSCF9808Me with sweet Peach, wish she could come back to me…

Thank you Kasia for hosting Peach and showing her Poland!