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Traveling Blythe

We are now excited to announce this year’s BCEU traveling Blythe! Our girl will be traveling around Europe visiting the city’s of the hosts, making memories and cycling around! More information will be revealed along the way but for now we need 8 hosts (EU based) that will be able to take her around and then ship her to the next host.
traveling Blythe 

Basic Rules:… * the host can only keep her for 10 days * Shipping is payed by the host (with tracking and insured) * Host needs to take a minimum of 5 pictures (for a traveler diary)

How to apply? Please send an email with: your name, your online name and your country to Once you apply to be a host you are confirming to agree with the basic rules. When all the host are selected we will send a confirmation email and reveal the hosts online.

(We already found a host in France, Poland and Germany)