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BCEU2018: the venue

Our Venue
Hotel la Poste / Tour and Taxis


The newly renovated Hôtel de la Poste used to be the administrative centre of the site. Today, it has been transformed into a multifunctional event hall which can welcome up to 600 people in the majestic Ticket Window Hall.
The architecture of the Hôtel de la Poste may be classical, but the building couldn’t be more contemporary at the time since it was erected with materials typical of that era: iron and glass. The architects of the late 19th century succeeded in making the materials stand out.
The engineer Bruneel brought in architects and interior designers C. Bosmans and H. Vanderveld who had built the unique Solvay Library in 1902.
Part of the former office building is located within the Maritime Station and stretches along the Picardstraat. The impressive entrance hall leads to the main Hall with its impressive mezzanine, supported by cast iron pillars. The building used to be the administrative heart of the site.
The interior Hall, where the ticket windows of the Railways used to be located, bathes in natural light thanks to the large windows and the dome. The Hall is a silent witness of extraordinary architectural knowhow: pilasters, mouldings decorated with acanthus flowers, cornices with dentils, window frames with entablature. The first floor has an oak wood floor and used to be the office of the Railways. Two adjacent spaces were occupied by the Mail and Telephone services.

Location BCEU 2018 revealed: Brussels, Belgium

Hello everybody; as you might already know we will be hosting Blythecon Europe 2018 in Brussels the 9 of June.
Mark the date in your calendar because is going to be epic!!!
our team members are; Belgium residents and main organizers Alonso Stella and Peggy De Meue and 2 very special and honorary members Antonio Toronjo Morales and Juliet Walden.
we will update vendors applications and tickets sales dates , promptly plus a lot of more information. dont forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you from Malaga!

Hello Everyone!

It’s been almost a month since the BCEU1027 event, and all the members of the organizing team want to thank for coming the more than 600 assistants (among visitors, vendors and vendor helpers), and the support of those of you who couldn’t come. You’ve given meaning to all the energy and illusion we put in making that day possible.

Thanks to the vendors who trusted us from the very beginning, cause they were the first to enroll with us in the adventure.

It was a true privilege to have had there Nanuka‘s Microworlds, and we want to thank her and her family all the effort they made so we could enjoy her incredibly imaginative and lovely creations.

We’re deeply moved by the huge generosity of the ones who donated things for the Tombola, so many assistants could go home with a lovely present, and making possible the donation of 2300 € that will be made to the Angeles malagueños de la noche, an NGO that helps homeless people, like we announced many months ago.
We also want to thank the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga – Fycma for making it all easier for us with their good work, and thanks to all the people that have collaborated in the event, the Alabardero CateringEl Rincón de las Flores – Nani for the decoration and the people that worked with us that day.

Also a big thank you to all the collaborators that so kindly shared their knowledge in the workshops that they gave along that day.

The memories we have of that day, and the months invested in the preparation of it, is a memory we will treasure all our lives.

It’s been an exhausting experience but all the encouragement and happiness we’ve received through all your messages is such a powerful fuel that even makes us think in the possibility of future events.

Thank you to infinity and beyond to all of you!!!

Now, as you all know, the next Blythecon Europe will be in Brussels, 9th of June 2018.
We want to send all the encouragement and well wishes to the new organizing team! From now on, they’ll be taking over all the BCEU social media and shenanigans, and we can’t wait to discover all they have in storage!

Best regards, hugs and love,
For one last time,
The BCEU 2017 team.

Ha pasado casi un mes del evento BCEU 2017, y todas las integrantes del equipo organizador queremos agradecer a las más de 600 personas (entre vendedores y asistentes) vuestra presencia, que es la que ha dado sentido a toda la energía e ilusión que hemos invertido en la organización de ese día.
Agradecer la confianza que los vendedores depositaron en nosotras desde un primer momento, cuando adquirieron el compromiso de acompañarnos en esta aventura.

Fue un auténtico privilegio contar con los Micromundos de Nanuka, y le agradecemos el esfuerzo que hicieron ella y su familia para que pudiésemos disfrutar de la riqueza imaginativa de sus creaciones.

Estamos conmovidas por la enorme generosidad que han mostrado todos los donantes que contribuyeron con sus regalos para la tómbola que celebramos gracias a los cuales muchos asistentes pudieron llevarse un grato recuerdo del BCEU2017, además de haber contribuido a la donación de 2300€ que se va a realizar a la ONG Los ángeles Malagueños de la Noche.

Desde aquí queremos dar las gracias al equipo del Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga, por toda la cooperación recibida, que ha hecho mucho más llevadera nuestra tarea, además de las personas que han colaborado en la producción del evento. Empresa de Catering, Decoración y equipo humano.

No podemos olvidar a los colaboradores que tan gustosamente han brindado sus conocimientos y los han compartido en los talleres que impartieron a lo largo del día.
Los recuerdos que guardamos de ese día, así como de los meses invertidos en su preparación, son un tesoro que conservaremos toda nuestra vida.

Ha sido una experiencia agotadora, pero la recompensa que hemos recibido a través de vuestros mensajes es un estímulo muy potente, que nos hace plantearnos la posibilidad de futuros eventos.

Mil Gracias a Tod@s!

Como ya sabéis el próximo Blythecon Europe será el 9 de Junio de 2018 en Bélgica y queremos mandar todo nuestro ánimo al nuevo equipo de producción.

Abrazos para todos!
BCEU2017 Team