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Meet vendor : TTYA


Name: Jiyoung Huh
Shop name: TTYA
Shop website: –


We are so proud that for the very first time in an European event, The famous Korean shop TTYA will be at Blythecon Europe 2017.

it’s highly detailed handmade products are perfect for Blythedolls.

When and How you started in the Blythe Hobby / Community?
I started in the year 2002.

Why did you start creating your own blythe Stuff / making your own customs?
I wanted to dress the doll like human

Where do you get your inspiration?
I Think about cute children to get inspired.

Which kind of stuff will you offer at your stand?
We plan to sell clothes, shoes, and props.


Nombre: Jiyoung Huh
Nombre de su tienda: TTYA
Web de su tienda: –


Estamos muy orgullos@s de que, por primera vez en un evento Europeo, la prestigiosa tienda   Coreana TTYA estará con nosotr@s en Blythecon Europe 2017.

Sus detallados productos hechos a mano son perfectos para nuestras Blythe!

¿Cuándo y cómo te uniste a la comunidad Blythe?
Empecé en el año 2002.

¿Por qué razón comenzaste a crear o customizar Blythe?
Quería que las muñecas pudieran tener ropa como la de las personas.

¿Dónde encuentras tu inspiración?
Pienso en niños y niñas para tener inspiración.

¿Qué artículos ofrecerás en tu mesa?
Llevaremos accesorios, ropita y zapatos.



Pre-meet Information

Like every year we will have a pre-meet on the day before the BCEU! This year the pre-meet will take place at the lovely park called Parc de Bercy

When?   Friday 26 june 2015  from 14:00 to 17:00

Where ?  it will be just at the park entrance located 15 rue de l’Ambroisie (Paris 12) see the red mark on the maps below.


How to get there ?    The easiest way is to take the subway line number 14 (heading towards Olympiades) and to get off at Cour Saint Emilion station then it’s a 2 minute walk.

premeet2We will have a few drinks and snacks available, we will sit on the grass and enjoy the (hopefully) good weather, dollies and friends company!   If you want you can also bring some snacks !

There is no need to confirm by email that you will be joining. Since it will be outside there will be space for everyone, only drinks and snacks will be limited.

In case of bad weather we will re-locate the pre-meet to an indoor location : The FROG café which is also indicated on the map . It will be announced on our Facebook page on the pre-meet morning. If this is happening, we won’t provide any drinks or snacks and you will have to pay at least a drink (around 5 euros) to enter the café.

BCEU 2015


We are very excited to announce the date for BCEU 2015…
It will take place on 27 of June 2015 in Paris
Organizing team: Amélie (aka amloro16), Anne (aka Le Chat Noir) and Marine (aka Lila Marine).

The team is already working on the arrangements, and soon will publish more details and information. Stay tuned to our website, Facebook and Instagram!