Q. What is BlytheCon?
A. BlytheCon is a gathering made by Blythe fans, for Blythe fans. It all started with BlytheCon 2009 in Atlanta USA. In 2010 BlytheCon made its debut in Europe with BCUK, and in 2012, Berlin hosted the first oficial BlytheCon Europe gathering. Blythecon Europe was hosted in 2013 in Barcelona, 2014 in Amsterdam, 2015 in Paris and will be hosted 2016 in Hamburg.

Q. When and where is BCEU?
A. BlytheCon Europe was born as an itinerant event; every year, a different European country will host the gathering. Next BlytheCon Europe will be held on 9th of June 2018 in Brussels, from 10am – 6pm!

Q. BCEU will be held in Belgium, do I have to speak French/Dutch?
A. No! A multilingual team -including members from different nationalities- will be in charge of BCEU and the language of the event will be English.

Q. How much is registration?
A. Please, take a look at our online shop to find out if there are tickets available.

Q. Are there any other ways I can participate in the event?
A. Sure! There will be contests but also workshops. If you are interested about hosting a workshop and sharing your tips with other Blythe fans don’t hesitate to contact for further info.

Q. I want to donate something for the event! How?
A. Thank you! We are gladly accepting donations – handmade products, dolls, services, monetary donations – Even the smallest gesture will make the difference and help to make BCEU a success and even more fun for all guests!
We will hold a raffle at BCEU, but also items for upfront fundraising will be gladly accepted. Please contact for further info.

Q. How can I help to spread the word about BCEU?
A. You will find press and online materials as soon as possible on our website.

Q. I would like to advertise my business during your event/in your website
A. We are open to collaboration of all sorts. If you run a business in the host city or a doll/toy related business and you want to advertise during the event, you can contact for further info.

Q. Who are the BCEU organizers?
A. BlytheCon Europe is being co-organized by Blythe enthusiasts volunteers from all over Europe.

Q. Who designed the logo?
A. BCEU logo was designed by Erica Fustero.