Meet vendor: Pamdolls

Name: Pamdolls
Shop name: Pamdolls

Could you please introduce yourself to all BCEU attendees?
I’m a computer engineer from Madrid, Spain. I discovered the Blythe doll in 2008 and,  after that love at first sight, I couldn’t help myself to start customizing them. My dolls are cute, sweet and colorful  but they can also be a little dark, vampiric, and punk. I love to  transform original dolls completely but keeping their essence giving them life as if they were little girls.

How and when did you join the Blythe community?
I discovered Blythe dolls by accident surfing the web and I fell in love with them at first sight! In 2008 my boyfriend bought me my first Blythe: Lucy. That’s how it all started. Blythe community is great. I have been able to meet amazing people of which some are very good friends.

Why did you start customizing / sewing / crafting?
I’ve always loved creating new things and when I discovered the freedom to do so that Blythe dolls offer I didn’t hesitate and started customizing them.
I always have new ideas in mind and I see Blythe dolls as a blank canvas on which to materialize those ideas. These dolls have brought back inspiration to draw and create things related to them

Where do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration in my everyday life…movies, books, memories, family photos, comics…and of course in a community where customizers seem to have no limits! I love it!

What will you offer us in your stall?
In my stand I’ll probably offer 2 blythes in which I’m working on right now…they are cyberpunk syle but very sweet and cute…I’ll also have printed illustrations made by me. I’ll offer a live piercing service so…don’t forget to bring your coolest dolls!! It will be a pleasure to meet you!!!

Lastly, could you tell us about your next projects?
I discovered Pullip dolls sometime ago and I have some projects with them right now. They’re great because they offer other possibilities. I have also some pending Blythes to finish like for example a wolf-cyberpunk I’m making in honor of my dog Tara.

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