Meet vendor: Pamdolls

Name: Pamdolls
Shop name: Pamdolls

Could you please introduce yourself to all BCEU attendees?
I’m a computer engineer from Madrid, Spain. I discovered the Blythe doll in 2008 and,  after that love at first sight, I couldn’t help myself to start customizing them. My dolls are cute, sweet and colorful  but they can also be a little dark, vampiric, and punk. I love to  transform original dolls completely but keeping their essence giving them life as if they were little girls.

How and when did you join the Blythe community?
I discovered Blythe dolls by accident surfing the web and I fell in love with them at first sight! In 2008 my boyfriend bought me my first Blythe: Lucy. That’s how it all started. Blythe community is great. I have been able to meet amazing people of which some are very good friends.

Why did you start customizing / sewing / crafting?
I’ve always loved creating new things and when I discovered the freedom to do so that Blythe dolls offer I didn’t hesitate and started customizing them.
I always have new ideas in mind and I see Blythe dolls as a blank canvas on which to materialize those ideas. These dolls have brought back inspiration to draw and create things related to them

Where do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration in my everyday life…movies, books, memories, family photos, comics…and of course in a community where customizers seem to have no limits! I love it!

What will you offer us in your stall?
In my stand I’ll probably offer 2 blythes in which I’m working on right now…they are cyberpunk syle but very sweet and cute…I’ll also have printed illustrations made by me. I’ll offer a live piercing service so…don’t forget to bring your coolest dolls!! It will be a pleasure to meet you!!!

Lastly, could you tell us about your next projects?
I discovered Pullip dolls sometime ago and I have some projects with them right now. They’re great because they offer other possibilities. I have also some pending Blythes to finish like for example a wolf-cyberpunk I’m making in honor of my dog Tara.

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Meet vendor: Lovalizious


Name: Lisette
Shop name: Lovalizious

You can also find me on Facebook, just search for ‘Lovalizious’!

Could you please introduce yourself to all BCEU attendees?
Hello lovelies! My name is Lisette, 26 years old and from the Netherlands. Can you imagine how excited I was when I first heard BlytheCon 2014 would be held in my own country? I can’t wait to meet you all there! On normal weekdays I work as a physiotherapist, but during my free time I love to be crafty and create stuff. Even though I’ve had my Lovalizious Etsy-shop for quite some years now, this will be my first year as a BlytheCon vendor.

How and when did you join the Blythe community?
About 5 years ago I joined Flickr. I taught myself how to crochet, and was looking for an online community to share my newfound passion. On Flickr, I made new friends and found lots of inspiration, help and advice. It didn’t take long before I stumbled upon a picture of ‘that silly big-eyed doll’ for the very first time. Seemingly people found some kind of purpose in these ‘Blythes’ for their crocheted, knitted and sewn creations. Even though I found the idea of dolls for adults a bit weird in the beginning, I quickly succumbed and adopted my own first (secondhand) Blythe: a Birdie Blue (how could I have known that SBL’s would be such a drama to customize?!).  During the following years my dolly-family growed quite a bit (with both Blythes and bjd’s). I learned to sew, knit and customize and my photography-skills improved due to lots of practice, taking pictures of my plastic girls.

 Why did you start customizing / sewing / crafting?
I think my answer to the previous question already explains this a bit. But the big ‘why?’? I don’t know…crafting is like breathing to me (just like reading books!), a second nature. I feel amputated when I don’t have the ability to craft. If it weren’t Blythes, it would probably be something else (and not all my crafts are doll-related), but like I already said: I just found a fun and inspiring purpose in my dolls for my creations, and I like being part of the worldwide community that comes with them!

Where do you find your inspiration?
When it comes to my dolls, I have quite a colorful and casual style, that’s not very girlish or feminime. I like hoodies for example, or baggy pants, and girls with naughty faces. For inspiration I like to look at (read: drool over) pictures of dolls, but also of real people. I love to browse through Flickr and Pinterest (I spend wáy too many hours there!) to collect favorites and form inspiration boards. It’s a challenge to make my own unique items (inspired but not copied), that represent Lovalizious and bring a little bit of joy, color and fun into the (dolly) world. Oh, I’m also really inspired by fabrics with lovely prints! And yarns…they can really make my fingers itch and boost my creativity. For color schemes (for dyeing my own yarn and roving) I like to look at artwork and illustrations, as well as (pictures of) nature. I guess I find inspiration in lots of places 🙂

What will you offer us in your stall?
You will find Blythe clothes and accesories in sewn, knitted and crocheted form at my stall. I will also have some batches of mohair and alpaca for reroots. These batches are hand dyed (dip-dyed, highlights, lowlights…you name it!) using high-quality acid dyes, and combed through, so you can start rerooting right away! I will probably also bring some finished reroots. This won’t be all though, there will be more! Just come and take a look at my stall, I will be thrilled to meet you 🙂

Lastly, could you tell us about your next projects?
The dyeing of natural fibers (like alpaca and mohair) is still quite new to me. I’m having a blast experimenting with it! I hope to make some very special batches for Blythecon, with interesting color schemes. I’m also planning on spinning some nice art yarns, to make a couple of unique and structured beanies and berets. Spinning yarn is something that really satisfies me, and I’m looking for ways to combine that with my Blythes. Lastly, there’s lots of sewing on my to-do list. Hoodies, sweaters, leggings, skirts…time to get busy!




Meet vendor: Dutch Blythe Fashion


Name: Valeri Thalen-Passon
Shop name: Dutch Blythe Fashion
Shop website:

1. Could you please introduce yourself to all BCEU attendees?

My name is Valeri, I collect dolls and I like to make my own clothes for them. I have a few different types of dolls; Blythes (Petite, Middie and Neo), Odeco & Nikki and Wanda Wonderfrogs. Please come to my table and say hi to me. I’d like to meet everyone at BlytheCOn Europe!

2. How and when did you join the Blythe community?

I started collecting Blythe in februari 2008 when I saw a Blythe doll on Flickr. My first Blythe was a Welcome Winter. Now I have 57 J

3. Why did you start customizing / sewing / crafting?

I like to be able to make my own creations, or clothes in the fabric and colors that I like.

4. Where do you find your inspiration?

Mostly in fashion magazines and Japanese magazines.

5. What will you offer us in your stall?

I will have clothes for Blythe Neo & Blythe Middie for sale at my stall.

6. Lastly, could you tell us about your next projects?

I’m constantly making outfits for my shop. After BlytheCon Europe I will go to my first BlytheCon in the US at BlytheCon Seattle.