Vendor Info BCEU2018


BlytheCon Brussels  is on June 9th 2018  from 10 am to 17:30 pm

How to apply?
Please, read carefully, and fill in the form below.
We did accept applications from July 10th until July 30th.
We will let you know if you are a vendor after the first week of August.

1. Vendor Spaces & Fee
Vendor table is 60 x 100 cm:
75 euro
If you need more than one table you can specify in your application but the BCEU Team can’t guarantee the availability.
Vendor fee includes :
  • Entry to the event (set up time from 9am )
  • Vendor space with 1 table, 1 or 2 chairs depending on your choice, tablecloth in neutral colour, you can add your own to decorate your stall .
  • 1 goodiebag with 1 raffle ticket plus all the extras.
  • 1 ticket to claim Lunch (Buffet: vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections)
  • Tickets for drinks, beer-degustation and Belgium fries.
2. Vendor Assistant
Each Vendor is allowed to have one assistant, we provide 2 options for tickets for this person. The vendor must specify at the moment of sending the application!
  1. Ticket with Goodiebag, Lunch, Drinks and Degustation.
    Price +25 euro (no raffle ticket included in the extra goodiebag! Ofcourse these can be bought at the event)
  2. Entry only, no Goodiebag.
    Price +15 euro (Lunch and Degustation are included in the Goodiebag, this means the assistant will not have those options)
The assistant ticket fee must be paid at the same time as the vendor ticket.

3. Refund
“Vendor fee” and “Vendor Assistant fee” are not refundable if you cancel your participation.

4. Items and prices
Items for sale must be visibly priced in EURO.
Auctions are not permitted during the event.
Fake/factory blythe ,Icy, Blyth, Basaak dolls are not permitted.  In the stands for sell or display.
However attenders  can bring to the event any doll they please.

5. During the event
Vendors must arrive before 9:00 am to set up the vendor space.
Vendor spaces must be attended at all times by the vendor and/or assistant when merchandise is present.
The BlytheCon Europe Brussels Team and the Venue are not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to your display and/or merchandise.