Our Venue for BCEU 2018 Brussels
Hotel la Poste / Tour and Taxis
Picardstraat 3, Brussels 1000


The newly renovated Hôtel de la Poste used to be the administrative centre of the site. Today, it has been transformed into a multifunctional event hall which can welcome up to 600 people in the majestic Ticket Window Hall.
The architecture of the Hôtel de la Poste may be classical, but the building couldn’t be more contemporary at the time since it was erected with materials typical of that era: iron and glass. The architects of the late 19th century succeeded in making the materials stand out.
The engineer Bruneel brought in architects and interior designers C. Bosmans and H. Vanderveld who had built the unique Solvay Library in 1902.
Part of the former office building is located within the Maritime Station and stretches along the Picardstraat. The impressive entrance hall leads to the main Hall with its impressive mezzanine, supported by cast iron pillars. The building used to be the administrative heart of the site.
The interior Hall, where the ticket windows of the Railways used to be located, bathes in natural light thanks to the large windows and the dome. The Hall is a silent witness of extraordinary architectural knowhow: pilasters, mouldings decorated with acanthus flowers, cornices with dentils, window frames with entablature. The first floor has an oak wood floor and used to be the office of the Railways. Two adjacent spaces were occupied by the Mail and Telephone services.